In jedem guten Text gibt es einen Schlüsselsatz, mit dem der Autor, oft unbewusst, sein ganzes Credo bekennt. Wie in jedem guten Film: der eine Satz, der sich als Kristallisationspukt erweist, um den herum sich das ganze Drama entwickeln will. So auch die vielen Texte, die die Autoren ANOTHER, FOA, FOFOA veröffentlichen.

Ich lese ihre Texte, während ich diese Seite hier geöffnet halte: und wann immer mir einer dieser leuchtenden Sätze entgegenspringt, halte ich sie hier fest. (Auf diese Weise können Besucher dieses Blogs auch sehr gut erkennen, in welcher Reihenfolge ich gelesen habe – seit ich begonnen habe, die genannten Autoren systematischer zu studieren.)

Eckige Klammern umschließen meine eigenen wenigen Ergänzungen: die ich zwecks besseren Verständnisses eingefügt habe. Fettungen, Kursivierungen und andere Hervorhebungen, die sich in den Originaltexten finden lassen, habe ich hingegen entfernt: nicht zuletzt, weil es zu etlichen Texte, insbesondere zu den älteren, mehrere Links gibt: die dann mit und ohne solche Hervorhebungen angetroffen werden können.

Um den Lesefluss und die Ästhetik nicht zu sehr zu stören, unterlege ich die jeweiligen Hyperlinks im Hinweis auf die Quelle, statt dass ich sie offen ausschreibe. Alle modernen Browser zeigen jedoch die vollständige Linkadresse sofort an, sobald man den Hyperlink mit der Maus berührt.

Viel Gewinn beim Lesen.
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All modern digital currencies do not go into an investment, they move THRU it... There is an alternative. Gold! It is the only medium that currencies do not "move thru". It is the only Money that cannot be valued by currencies. It is gold that denominates currency. It is to say "gold moves thru paper currencies".  — Another

Freegold is a way to view unfolding events as they happen. (...) It is not a description of what should be.  — FOFOA

If you came with a notion that I am someone who sees the future; grab the children and run far away. 

From far away it's easy to see what direction national trends are flowing.  — FOA

Within every social order, people have conflicting factions that try to dominate the whole. But if one can understand and pinpoint the logic and reasoning of several dominate groups, we can get a grasp for the overall eventual flow. We have seen through out history and in our modern life that the human spirit, most always reaches for and leans towards natural conclusions to ages old problems. There is something in us that makes mankind flow this way. Time and again we build up our emotional will. Then in a great flood we literally overwhelm the branches and rocks that distort our progress through this stream of life.  — FOA

Truly, the stream is being prepared for the great flood that must come, will come!  — FOA

In our time, physical gold will enter the greatest bull phase in it's human use history.  — FOA

From ten or perhaps twenty years ago a political will, a concept was being formed that would today change the economic architecture and power structure of the world.  — FOA

"I'm not here to challenge the Austrian forefathers, Menger, Mises and Hayek. In fact, my view is perfectly compatible with theirs. Where it differs is with some of the modern gold standard advocates and promoters. In my view they have improperly reconstructed the money concept that was deconstructed by their forebears."  — FOFOA

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."  — Aristotle

We have seen throughout history and in our modern life that the human spirit most always reaches for, and leans towards, natural conclusions to ages old problems. There is something in us that makes mankind flow this way. Time and again we build up our emotional will. Then in a great flood we literally overwhelm the branches and rocks that distort our progress through this stream of life.  — FOA

A year and a half later Another withdrew from posting comments permanently. Exhausted from what FOA called "ears that bite," Another declared, "tell them right now our position and walk away, it's over!"
Were they the words of someone who needed you to understand in order to effect the desired change? Or were they the words of someone who hoped you would understand, for your own wellbeing through the change that is coming?  — FOFOA

Try thinking in terms of the principles and concepts I will present, and then you can apply that view to both my conclusions as well as your own established beliefs. This is the proper way to take in a new view, and then you can decide to either accept or reject it, but at least you will have seen it.  — FOFOA

I do believe that we are in the process of returning to honest money. I believe this transition is necessary, natural and inevitable (unstoppable). And that last part is why I sit back as an observer, rather than getting all worked up as an activist. To my way of thinking, all you can do now is take action to preserve your own wealth as we roll onward into this brave new world.  — FOFOA

Buy only as much gold as you understand. In other words, only what you are comfortable with. — FOFOA

In the end, physical gold will win out and prove to be the greatest wealth holding anyone has ever known.  — FOA

Today they chant; "we want our leaders to recognize gold again"! OH, it will all right and the impact such a recognition will have on these various paper gold plays will leave these gold tribes dancing around a midnight fire!  — FOA

And we've had the gold bugs here, in many varieties. All with very clever ways to finally make gold a currency that can work, unlike the failed and abandoned tries of years gone by.   — FOFOA

It is this blogger's very honest, humble and deeply considered opinion that there is not a single precious metals analyst or gold writer out there today that can hold a candle to either Another or FOA. Not Sinclair, not Rickards, not Casey, Turk or Fekete. Not GATA, not Buckler, not Douglas or Ash. Not any of the Silverites and certainly not me.   — FOFOA

You see, it all has to do with how one orients oneself in the world today. Indeed, understanding the word "orient" provides some of the answers. Interesting word, orient. — FOA

For myself, I have placed my feet squarely on the ground that faces East to gain a better understanding. Because from here not only do the majority of the world's people live, there also resides most of the reserves of oil. — FOA

You see, Freegold is not a competing system or theory. It is a paradigm that, once understood, reveals unending truth (infinite resolution). But it cannot be reduced to a couple paragraphs. It must be tested over and over again, from as many perspectives as one can imagine, which is what I try to do on this blog.   — FOFOA

… in order to understand Freegold you must at least understand the significance of these conditions:
1. The end of the dollar standard (the end of its timeline as the main global reserve currency)
2. The end of parity between paper gold price discovery and physical gold price discovery
3. The Euro-Freegold concept/project, (at least) 31 years in the making
4. The flow of oil   — FOFOA

Search the history books and we find that all "OFFICIAL" moneys have at one time come and gone with the human society that created them. — FOA

We could argue and debate the finer points, but it seems that all currencies age mostly from their debt build up. In a very simple way of seeing it, once a currency must be forcefully manipulated to maintain its value, it is entering the winter of its years.  — FOA

Our dollar has already entered a massive hyperinflation. Its timeline is ending and there will be no deflation to save it.  — FOA

Eventually, either before or after the dollar's transition, the illusion that makes currencies real will also undergo a change. That illusion / vision is the current world paper gold market. Often known as the dollar gold market. This marketplace will fail with the dollar's timeline and so too will its use to value gold.  — FOA

Over and over again, we start with a solid gold foundation and soon degrade it into trash. It's not just the American way,,,,, it's the world's way. — FOA

Time and debt age any money system until it dies. The world moves on. Only this time gold is going to play a different part in the drama. — FOA

The world is going to change its currency system before long and this will greatly impact the wealth of dollar asset holders. Not to mention physical gold holders. — FOA

There is a role change coming for gold that is not coming for silver. It's not you and I that impart the necessary value to them to change this role. It is the truly wealthy of this world and the super producers. The giants. They impart value and they have already chosen gold... a long time ago   — FOFOA

Probably the most common misconception is that price and value are the same thing.

Price can be precisely known, but true value can only be estimated or guessed. And because price changes, price is always wrong while true value is always right, even though it is unknown.  — FOFOA

If the government would like to keep a price down, then you can be pretty sure the value is higher than the price.  — FOFOA

Something with "instrumental value" is worth having only as a means to get something else. It is not an ends-in-itself but merely a means to an end, a medium. [Yet] An object with "intrinsic value" is regarded as an end or end-in-itself. It is a thing worth having for itself, not as a means to something else.  — FOFOA

Gold's utility is that for thousands of years it has held its value relatively well.  — FOFOA

Unlike ANYTHING else, (yes, even silver), gold [in the role of store of value] has INFINITE marginal utility [Grenznutzen].  — FOFOA

All modern schools of economic thought (except for Marxism and those related to Marxism) grew out of this Marginal Revolution. As I said earlier, the theory of value is fundamental to the study of economics, and all human society for that matter, making any shift in this theory a "revolution."   — FOFOA

"And it is clear that money cannot be simultaneously the medium of exchange and the medium of saving - simultaneously spur and brake."  — Silvio Gesell

Gold becomes MORE useful at higher prices while industrial commodities become less useful and subsequently get swapped out.   — FOFOA 

So is money (currency) the best and highest (most valuable) use for gold? I think not. Is it the likely "next" use of gold in our near future? Not a chance!   — FOFOA 

Such has been my evolution toward monetary "enlightenment," and such is my position here--as a pilgrim, not a teacher--at the very bottom and on the fringe of the admirable and idealistic gentlemen who gather here to share their thoughts and visions of a better world and a better monetary system.  — Aristotle

Keynes didn't call Gold itself a "barbarous relic," but he rightly called the Gold STANDARD a "barbarous relic," which is also precisely what the system of Gold derivatives and bullion banking of today has become.  — Aristotle

Freemarket physical Gold, as the pure and essential reserve/savings asset (unlent with no derivatives) is desperately needed in the modern world to indiscriminately bolster each of us alongside modern currencies which are now a permanent feature in the financial landscape. Simply put, Freemarket Gold is the only way for a man to safely coexist with his currency.  — Aristotle

While the present price of something can be known with precision and certainty, value can only be estimated or guessed at until it is finally revealed.  — FOFOA

And as the international CB reserve asset (NOT currency) standard designed into the Eurosystem quarterly MTM reserve concept, gold's value is probably around $55,000 per ounce. And lastly, if all fiat money caves in like a house of cards and oil is forced to bid directly for gold, we're looking at a value closer to $100,000 per ounce. But that scenario would be relatively short until a new super sovereign currency was resourced. Aristotle wrote, "I discovered that we absolutely NEEDED fiat currency in order to set Gold free." And this includes an international trade currency like the SDR or the euro. Of course these values are mere guesses on my part. But I'll tell you that the Eurosystem MTM Freegold concept looks to be most probable by a longshot. And perhaps somewhat imminent as well.   — FOFOA

From my interaction with people of various far reaching world backgrounds, one thing is clear: Investors and regular workers with a Western slant do not grasp what wealth is. Overwhelmingly they see their currency and paper investment portfolios on an equal footing in value with the same "real things" that raise our living standards. Yet, in real life, they cannot be equal because these paper assets are only an exercisable future claim on our "real things in life".   — FOA

Our market place uses a currency system that is entering the end of its timeline and therefore can no longer measure "things" on a simple supply and demand value basis.   — FOA

Those with power outside this game are seen making long term preparations for the day when the US dollar inflates away. They see where the dollar value is only a function of trade flow manipulations.   — FOA

"Gold is the only tool that is able to balance the balance sheets of the offending deficit spending central banks. There is no other tool. Therefore, the tool (gold) will be used. Just as QE was the only tool to feign sovereigns as financially sound, gold is the only tool to bail them (central banks) out in the end. It’s simply a fact, a reality, and it cannot be denied.”  —Aristotle

"Paper gold price hedges"; modern gold derivatives. The important thing to remember is that these positions are not and never will be used to demand physical gold. They are held to buffer financial and currency risk associated with holding any form of dollar based asset.  — FOA

Most everyone in the Western Gold bug game is running with the ball in the wrong direction. …So who is in danger of being hurt as this unfolds?  That's right, the Western paper gold long! I'm not talking about just the US market! This is about the entire world gold market as we know it today. The real play will be for the ones that get out in front of the move by owning physical…  It seems every Gold bug sees only half the trade and has great faith that contract law will favor a short squeeze. Yet, none of them see where it is the long that will be dumping and forcing the discount!  — FOA

For as persons need real things for life, they do "want" and "reach" for a "real measure for worth". Not one by concept, but as "true from the past". All persons hold wealth as never before, but search in vain for "this measure", one that "blows not in the wind of thought". For the good of all, this search does end, but brings with it the storm of change! The trust of old values will break in this new wind. Hold your worth firm on the ground as no storm will move a true value with weight, a weight for the winds of this season, gold!  — Another

Noone can see the value of a real asset when knowing how many currency units it is denominated in. Value is only known when holding one real asset next to another real asset and comparing the currency unit valuations of both. Use as an example, a $75,000 $US Mercedes and a small apartment, also $75,000. They can be traded using the currency as a temporary holding until the transaction is complete. The car and apartment are viewed as having productive use of equal value. However, it is the items that have the value, not the currency unit! The currency is of but momentary value expressed as "the intention of a trade completion". Complete the trade and "poof" the units hold no future value. At this point in time, everything in the world is "denominated" in currencies that have no use, except to complete the trade! Trillions upon trillions of digitized currency are currently being held for the "completion of commerce", extending out into other lifetimes! Of course we are speaking of any form of currency denominated debt, be it government or private.  — Another

Trillions upon trillions of digitized currency are currently being held for the "completion of commerce", extending out into other lifetimes! Of course we are speaking of any form of currency denominated debt, be it government or private.  The major threat to this collection of wealth holdings would be the introduction of any real asset currency. Any country that could "resource a currency" of use the world over does pose a threat to the wealth of nations greater then war! It is in the realm of possibilities, that a gold or oil based system would bring a resolution to the present structure as equal to " a nuclear war of currencies". Our concept of value, would indeed have to start over.  — Another

[The] threat is capital flow into the dollar's lifelong nemesis, gold! You can thank all the players and their activities as identified by GATA for making this time different. You can thank the mining giants that sold forward paper contracts for their future gold. You can thank our Central Bankers who leased half of their gold into the market to squash their foe. You can thank Rubin and Summers for their "Strong Dollar Policy". You can thank Alan Greenspan for the easy green. You can thank them all for making damn sure that this time there is absolutely nothing the Fed will be able to do, nor will it want to!  — FOFOA 

In this world we all need much; blessings from above,,,,, family,,,, home,,, friends and good health. But after all that, one must have currency and an enduring, tradable wealth asset that places our footing in life on equal ground with the giants around us,,,,,, gold!  — FOA

What we are about to experience today is a natural Jubilee of sorts, a hundred-year reset, only this one will happen at the point when the debt mountain is at its all-time peak, and right when nobody expects it to happen. A grand surprise. An ultimate shock. This will be catastrophic for the savers of debt and will be so traumatic to the system that total systemic entropy will be achieved. And a new system will have no choice but to emerge naturally from an absolute void of confidence. — FOFOA 

On this blog I write mostly about two things: the dollar and gold. The disease and the cure. On the dollar side, I usually focus on the inflation-deflation debate and my view that hyperinflation is both imminent and inevitable. On the gold side I focus mostly on freegold, the impending emergence of a physical-only gold market, and also on the tremendous benefit of holding physical gold through this transition. — FOFOA

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